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Turkish Delight

Luxury Chocolate Coated Turkish Delight w/ Pistachio Gourmet Gift Box - Chocolate Pistachio Delight - Taste the Unique, ORIGINAL Most Prestigious Turkish Delight / Gift Box (30-32 Pcs) - Mughe Gourmet

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Brand: Turkish Delight


  • ✔ TASTE IT & FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - This unique box of amazing delicious chocolate treats will make for a sweet surprise for any occasion! Nutty, Crunchy and mildly sweet, these wickedly addictive chocolate cubes are crafted from a mixture of premium chocolate and pistachios combined with the turkish delight which make them unique, scrumptious and so wonderful. Top off the celebration with those chocolates, making this special occasion extra memorable!
  • ✔ DIFFERENT & UNIQUE - New to Chocolate with Turkish Delights? Everything is worth trying at least once! You must try this, at least once! You will love its taste, its texture and the crackle when you bite into it. It is wonderful beyond belief. Just try it and enjoy!! Different & Unique: Concentrated, Energy-Boosting and source of antioxidants content
  • ✔ FLAVORFUL & DELIGHTFUL - Those very yummy treats are power source of antioxidants and can help you reap all the health benefits of chocolate! Those mallow chocolate turkish delights are very healthy and beneficial from the properties of its bittersweet chocolate
  • ✔ VERY HEALTY & BENEFICIAL - We have combined all the 3 components dark cacao chocolate, turkish delight and nuts into one single treat so eaters welcome a host of all their health benefits in each bite.
  • ✔ We do not use glucose syrup or preserving additives in our products. Take care!! Those Middle Eastern Turkish delights are addictive, especially, so easy to pop into your mouth!! They could be served with sweet Turkish coffee or hot tea.

Publisher: Muge Gourmet

Details: Turkish Delight History of Turkish delight dates back to 500 years, making Turkish Delight one of the oldest sweets in the world. Tastes right out of Arabian Nights! Our fruit-and-nut candies are actually derived from locoum, also known as Turkish Delight...a beloved delicacy of the Near East. Made since the 15th century, the aromatic flavors of these timeless treats have been celebrated in literature, music, and performances around the world. Now we've crafted our own version of Turkish Delight using some of the traditional flavors which made it famous. Turkish Delight makes a magical and memorable gift for those seeking out new tasting adventures!

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EAN: 0703439343938

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