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Members Copy: How To Get Answers Every Time You Pray...About Your Diet

Members Copy: How To Get Answers Every Time You Pray...About Your Diet

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Meet Chef Anna Nichole—a seasoned personal/private chef and a distinguished professional trained in culinary and pastry arts for over four years. With an additional three years of dedicated study in health, nutrition, and as a biblical health and nutritionist, Anna brings a unique perspective to the table.

In "How to Get Answers Every Time You Pray... About Your Diet," Chef Anna Nichole illuminates the missing piece in the pursuit of more profound results from your prayers. This book isn't just about food—it's a revelation on the power of agreement, discipline, and partnership within your diet, resolving the challenge of ineffective prayers.

Discover within these pages a guide that not only defines prayer but delves into the significance of proper confession. Explore the transformative strength derived from covenant partnership and impartation. This isn't just a book; it's an essential companion for anyone seeking divine guidance for their diet.

Uncover practical steps and invaluable wisdom that promise to bless your life. Through simple yet profound truths shared in this book, anticipate obtaining the answers you seek every single time. It's time to apply these fundamental principles and witness the transformation you've been praying for!
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